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1and1 – Is it really cheap? Or do you end up paying more for a lessor service

Everyone has seen the adverts surrounded by 1and1  and you would be a fool for not thinking it was a reasonably priced service, however many customer’s are realising the true sum behind having a 1and1 website. Why would you not be enticed by the fact that you can pay as little as £15 per month for a ‘professional’ website? You get to choose from a wide range of templates in such sectors as Accountants, Builders, Plumbers, Taxi Companies and much more. Is it really cheaper than having a professional web design company design your site though? 1and1 costs £15 per month indefinitely, I can’t see the internet disappearing any time soon so lets say for example you have a website for the next 5 years, your website would cost a staggering £900+VAT with 1and1 and you will never actually own it, so you have to pay that for the entire life of your website and have nothing at the end of it.

1and1 TV Advert

Lets be honest, the marketing looks great and the service looks fantastic however this just doesn’t seem to be the case when you actually receive the service. What happens if you are unfamiliar with computers and don’t realize that the logo needs to be a certain set of dimensions? You go to replace the banner on the homepage and don’t have a clue what dimensions it needs to be again, you can very quickly make an average template look awful.  Would you not prefer to have a professional web design company do all of this for you and at a fraction of the price and workload for yourself.

The Alternative

At Cheap Web Design you can have a professional website designed for almost 80% cheaper than what you would pay over 5 years from 1and1 and at the end of the design process you will OWN the website. What’s more, we include professional logo design, homepage banner design and a system which allows you to log in later on, add new pages and update your existing content! In today’s climate every business should be looking at cutting costs in as many areas as possible and web design is definitely one of them. Cheap Web Design offer the following for only £175

  • 2-4 Web Pages
  • One-off Cost
  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • FREE Logo Design
  • Homepage Banner Design
  • 3 Months FREE Professional Hosting
  • 2 Email Addresses
  • Visitor Statistics
  • FREE Contact Form
  • Social Media Links
  • Full UK-Based Support
  • Interactive Video Guides
  • FREE .CO.UK/.COM Domain Name
  • Full Ownership of Website

Would you receive all of the above from 1and1? I don’t believe so…

1and1 Or Cheap Web Design?

Why would you want to pay for a service in which you have to do all the work yourself? You will never own the website you are paying for and it would be the same template as hundreds or even thousands of other companies in the same sector as you. At Cheap Web Design we will design the website for you along with your logo, banners and much more at a fraction of the price and as said before you will 100% own the website.

Want to pay monthly?

Cheap Web Design also offer a pay monthly service similar to 1and1 however when it comes to the end of the 12 months you own the website, Rather than paying upfront for a package you can simply ask for it to be broken down into 12 instalments. All packages have a flat £50 set up fee which is then deducted from the total amount for example if you went for the £175 web design package this would be broken down into the following:

Set up Fee: £50

Monthly Instalments: £10.41 per month on a 12 month contract however you are more than welcome to choose your contract length term.

When it comes to the final payment of £10.41 you will then 100% own the website and are free to do as you please with it. If you have any questions about the pay monthly packages please do feel free to call today on 01202 935008.

Why Choose Cheap Web Design

If you are looking for a web design service where you can pick up the telephone and talk direct to your designer and have a professional website built on your behalf at a huge discount compared to 1and1 then you have come to the correct company. You will 100% own the website upon completion and there are no monthly on-going costs for your website design. Save yourself some money and have a professionally designed website today. You can locate our web design packages here or call 01202 935008.

Call a member of our friendly team today on 01252 759340 to discuss your requirements.


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