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A good website requires great appeal and both static and flash banners help to achieve this. When visiting various day to day websites, you will probably notice that the majority of them have some form of banner which is either directing you to an inner page, highlighting offers and services, or displaying advertisements for an external source. A well designed banner can really make a difference to the look and feel of your web pages and attract your viewers attention.

Types of Banner Designs

If your going to pay for a descent banner for your web site then we would recommend going for a flash banner. A flash bannercan display an arrangement of static, moving and animated graphics, offering appeal and interaction for your viewers. Flash banners don’t require excessive code so your website will stay clean and fast.

Alternative banner design options include static .jpg or .gif images, or JQuery. The easiest and cheapest option is of course the static image, which can be saved in many formats (jpg, gif, png, etc). JQuery offers very similar functionality to flash and has its own bonuses but may be more expensive and also requires more coding.

Take a look at some of our flash, static and jQuery banners in our Banner Design section.

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