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The social media platform Facebook is soon to experience an alteration which results in moving from its present situation and becoming more of a platform which helps users to have more important social interactions. This change will benefit brands more than us however.

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How is Facebook Changing?

The content you consume from news profiles and brands that you follow will be populated by updates from groups, family and friends

This does not mean a lack of advertisements or branded content. It’s been thought that Facebook will encourage the publisher page content into a separate tab and out of the newsfeed.

How Will It Have an Impact on Your Facebook Presence?

Adam Mosseri (Head of Newsfeed) reviewed the change in more detail. Rather Than prioritising popular posts that are based on likes, shares and comments, Facebook is going to rank content up that has a prediction to cause discussions.

By adjusting your News feed settings, you can choose who’s content you are able to view. You will however need to find a way to encourage followers to want to choose to see your content!

News Feed space which is now given to companies will be identified to those who have content that generate the same engagement that stimulated the change to begin with.

Content that address meaningful issues may cause debate and is more prone to deliver importance to your scenarios and customers. By creating events, live videos and ‘how – to’ posts, you are more likely to cause a conversation.

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It Is Still possible to Develop Your Business on Facebook

Both Zuckerberg and Mosseri both dodged using the word “advertising” in their posts. Facebook made over 10 billion in ad revenue last quarter. This is the main way the social media platform makes the money.

Ads will still be on Facebook. The fight for prime positions is certain to increase with the fact that news feed in now a vortex of pleasure and friendship.

What can you do to start maintaining or grow your marketing attendance on Facebook in a post-News feed world?

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Creating Hyper-engaging content

The change is designed to improve people’s lives by improving the value of content which is on Facebook. Those who are creating content that have quality to make lives better will rank higher than brands who are sharing ‘engagement-bait’.

Optimising ads for non-feed placements

The main standing of ad placements is the News Feed. It allows you to give more information about your services or products. Competition for advertisements in the News feeds will rise if Facebook is going to decrease the amount of posts in the News Feed for companies.

Facebook suggestions a lot of alternative and placement choices compared to mobile, audience network, Instagram and desktop.

Making the most out of your ad spend and activity

If organic content falls, the significance of Facebook advertising for SMBs will rise.

You can try the Facebook Ads Grader to find out how you measure up against your competitors.