Pay Per Click – Right Hand Side Bar Has Gone

Although this has been something Google has tested for a number of years now, they have now rolled out a substantial update within the pay per click world. No longer will you find a right hand side bar for text ads when searching on desktop. Google have updated this so that there shall be 3 or 4 ads within the initial header section of a search result and then 3 within the footer of a search result.

We imagine this is going to cause a bit of a shock for the businesses who manage their own pay per click campaigns as it hasn’t been something thats been talked about within the advertising world and Google haven’t released huge amounts of information on this.

Cheap Web Design

One thing to take into consideration is that around half of users now search using mobiles and tablets and as such they have never had a right-hand sidebar.

If you’re wondering what the white space on the right hand side shall be used for now, it shall be used for product listings and knowledge graphs so some users might not even notice a huge difference. One thing to take into consideration is that ad space may become more costly, I would recommend not panicking and leaving your CPC as it is. If after two weeks you’ve noticed a substantial drop in business this is when you will need to start making changes.

Organic SEO

The latest update has now put even more emphasis on organic SEO, yes it has a monthly cost associated to ranking organically however I can guarantee within most sectors the cost for organic rankings which generate the same amount of traffic as PPC marketing will be a lot cheaper but a rather substantial amount.

If you’re looking to gain more information as to how organic SEO can assist your business please do feel free to contact us today for more information.




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