Google Disavow Tool – Did it really work or is it another ploy by Google to do some data capturing?

Google recently released the disavow tool for all webmaster’s to use which almost everyone thought would be a great way to get rid of any nasty backlinks that you may not want, Could have been from a few years ago when forum profile links were worthwhile and actually helped you rank or it could be that some blackhat spammer on the internet threw thousands of backlinks at your site. Everyone thought this tool would be ideal as you could then notify Google that you didn’t like these links and that you wanted rid of them from the website.

Matt Cutt’s release a video on this explaining how to use them and what they would do, this video can be found here:

Results from the Disavow tool seem to be non existent so far leaving many to speculate that it has been a data collection exercise with Google comparing the bad links they have already discovered with that of the ones being confessed too, to see how well they matched they were and to learn more about what they missed… Nice.

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