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Compete on a level field with these budget-friendly small business marketing tips.

You’ve probably noticed how times are changing in the battle of small business vs big business. It’s not all about the big boys now. Buyers are becoming increasingly compelled to buy from smaller outfits. There is also a stronger interest in supporting local business and those businesses that are not corporations. The good thing is, is that these changes can will benefit your business too.

Here’s what you need to know.

You no longer have to be the big guy.

There are plenty of tools available to the small business owner that will get them in front of their target market. Online advertising is now like a laser when it comes to finding your market. By being smart with strong observational skills, you can create some powerful content that can go viral. With so many automation tools and smart techniques at your fingertips, you can rule the waves when it comes to your market.

Be authentic for more wins.

Brand personality is what swings both consumer interest and their loyalty. By looking at what’s available on the market, you can discover what’s missing and fill in the gaps with your offering. Some buyers want the hand-made style. For others seeing what you do that’s different behind the scenes is what seals the deal. What works for your brand is down to testing and keeping track of results.

How to add your personality.

Let’s face it. You are unique. It’s in the way you write your blog posts, the stories you tell and can shine when you create ads that demonstrate your vulnerability. These approaches give you a way to put you above and beyond the big guys and they cannot touch you on it. You don’t even have to be perfect, in some cases, it’s the fact that you’re not perfect is what is going to get you more sales.  For this reason, don’t hold off being yourself.

You can be yourself.

You know how somebody you know has a nose that is somewhat different and quirky. But that nose contributes to how they are. It’s actually what makes them attractive. This is an example of how something that is an imperfection can be very attractive. It works the same with your business. Something that may not be perfect can be recognised for it’s originality and can actually hold a lot of power.

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