Cheap Web Design Explained – Case Study: Pyjama Breakfast Chiswick

Here at Cheap Web Design, we offer a fresh and affordable take on traditional web-design.

Based in Fleet, Hampshire, we offer a carefully developed range of web design and E-commerce services to clients of all shapes and sizes, across the globe. We believe in delivering the optimum level of quality and customer service with each and every project we work on, and you can rest assured that all of our services are completed in-house by our fully trained, professionally experienced and highly qualified design team.

Since we were established back in 2004, our award-winning team has designed and built over 2500 websites – and that number is constantly rising. And, although you might assume that an award winning web design agency would be reserved for the largest clients with the biggest budgets, this couldn’t be further from the truth – at Cheap Web Designs, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest possible prices, whilst maintaining an unrivalled level of quality.

So, when our client Pyjama Breakfast Chiswick approached us for a brand new, e-commerce website, we knew that we were up to the challenge! 


The Client

Have you ever wished that someone would deliver you a fresh, healthy, and delicious breakfast, which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home? Pyjama Breakfast does just that!

Born out of the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy a freshly made, high quality breakfast without the hassle of having to cook it themselves, Pyjama Breakfast Chiswick go to every length to deliver the very best breakfast dishes from across the globe, using fresh, quality ingredients.

The site allows hungry customers in the Chiswick area to order from a diverse menu of breakfast dishes, which will then be delivered straight to their door, free of charge.


The Brief

The client approached us asking us to build them a simple but effective and engaging website that really fit in with their brand and reinforced their image and ethos.

As well as a great-looking website that attracted visitors and helped to convert these visitors into customers, the client also wanted their customers to be able to buy products directly from the site and make payments online, but they wanted to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

The client wanted a simple, no-nonsense colour scheme and a sleek, visual-focussed aesthetic. In addition to this, to optimise their sales and make the website as user-friendly as possible, it also needed to be fully responsive and easy to navigate.

Within the brief, the client also outlined their budget and a preferred timescale for completion.


The Process

First steps…

As soon as any of our web design clients approach us, we immediately assign them a dedicated project manager. This not only provides the client with a familiar first point of contact, but it also simplifies and speeds up the entire process.

From the initial stages of the project, right the way through to completion and aftercare, our support team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any queries, address any issues and, ultimately, give you total peace of mind. We firmly believe that this accessible, customer-focussed approach truly sets us apart from other small web design agencies and freelancers.


The Comprehensive Brief

The first stage of the website design process is to take the initial brief, as provided by the client, and build it into a more comprehensive document. Throughout this part of the process, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand their needs and expectations, considering factors such as how many pages the site should have, any particular functionality they require, and the overall look and feel of the site.


Custom Design

Once we’ve formulated a brief that everyone is happy with, we’ll then set about designing your website. This is where our experience and creativity comes in!

And you can rest assured that we don’t use website templates or pre-made designs, instead we work closely with are clients to build unique sites that are totally unique to each business and brand.


Search Engine Optimisation

There’s no point in having a great-looking website if no one sees it. Once we’ve designed each website, we then ensure that it is fully optimised for all of the main search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing.


Set up to sell

With our brand new, state-of-the-art system, our e-commerce websites not only show off our client’s products and services, but they also allow them to buy them – without leaving the site. Via an easy-to-navigate control panel, you’ll be able to add products, manage orders, generate reports, and edit pages from anywhere in the world, with just a few clicks of your mouse.


Content Management

Once a website is live, it’s important that it is kept up-to-date with fresh, new, and engaging content. At Cheap Web Design, we ensure that editing and updating your website is simple and straightforward, even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly ‘digital’ person.

With our accessible, easy to use system, our clients can access their website’s control panel in a matter of a couple of clicks, and create their own bespoke layouts and page designs – simply click, drag and drop to position text, images, and video with no prior web-editing skills or experience!


The Outcome

Working closely alongside the client to ensure that we understood their aims and objectives, we created a cool, contemporary website for Pyjama Breakfast Chiswick.

We wanted the site to be simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate, reflecting the brand’s existing image and branding. We kept the site short and to the point with 5 pages, each with minimum text and a strong focus on visuals.

Across all of the site, we maintained a simple yet eye-catching colour scheme incorporating black, grey and orange. The fonts we chose to use on the site also reinforced the cool, contemporary and fuss-free feel.

To add to the sense of cohesion, we also integrated the same header and footer across all of the site. At the top of each page, the brand’s logo, page links, and a link to the customer’s basket can be found. At the bottom of each page, there is a ‘Keep in Touch’ section, where visitors are encouraged to subscribe to the brand’s mailing list, a ‘How to Order’ section explaining clearly and concisely how and when customers can order and pay, and finally, a ‘Join the Community’ section, showing recent social media posts and directing customers to the brand’s social media platforms.

In addition to the appearance of the front end of the site, due to the nature of their business, it was important for the client that the back end of their site was accessible and easy to manage. We kept this in mind throughout the design and development process, ensuring that the Pyjama Breakfast Chiswick team will be able to easily update their menus and opening times as and when necessary, and process and manage their orders online independently. Of course, our team of experts will always be on hand to provide help and support whenever they need it, but giving them the ability to manage their website themselves will not only put them in full control, but it will also help to keep the costs down.

Before we began the project, we outlined a timescale for completion and set a number of milestones along the way. And what’s more, we delivered all of this within the client’s budget.


Let’s take a look at each page in more detail….

Home Page

Based on the customer’s brief, we decided to keep the Home Page simple and straightforward – without compromising on engagement, of course! The purpose of the site is to allow hungry people to order breakfast, without any hassle. So that’s what we wanted to give them via our website design – a hassle-free experience.

With high-quality, eye-catching images, simple yet stylish icons, and a contemporary colour scheme, the home page is extremely visual. Where there is text, the tone is kept very causal and friendly, i.e., “Feeling Peckish?” to appeal to the company’s target audience.

To ensure that the website converted as much traffic as possible, we kept the Home Page as easy to navigate as possible – adopting a step by step style and integrating plenty of internal links.

Because the store is only open on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 8.00am and 1.00pm, we added a bold, red banner across the top of the site, which appears when the store is closed. Featuring the text ‘Pyjama Breakfast is now closed for business’, the eye-catching banner immediately let’s the customer know that the business is not currently delivering – managing expectations and avoiding disappointment once the customer has a basket full of delicious food that they are not able to order. Again, this feature reinforces the user-friendly nature of the site.

For a business of this size and nature, social media and word of mouth marketing is absolutely vital. With this in mind, we decided to incorporate the brand’s social media links on to the banner running across the bottom of all sites on the page. This also reflects the cool, contemporary feel of the branding.


How does it work?

In a bid to keep everything fresh and simple, the How Does it Work? page is actually a sub section on the Home Page, rather than a page in its own right. We decided to adopt this approach in order to minimise repetition and clutter on the site – ensuring that visitors could find the information they needed instantly, rather than having to filter out large amounts of unnecessary content.



The Menu page is where the e-commerce aspect of the site comes into play.

Featuring a simply laid out, easy to follow menu, broken down into sub-sections for the customer’s ease, the Menu page allows customers to select the dishes they want and add them to their cart. The page retains the colour scheme and style of the rest of the site.

Customers can view their cart down the side of the page and delete any unwanted items as they go, without having to leave the menu.

This then leads through to the Checkout, which allows the customer to submit their order and either pay for their goods via PayPal, or chose to pay upon delivery.


About Us

Following the visual-focused approach of the rest of the website, the About Us page is topped with a bold, eye-catching image of luscious tomatoes. The image not only reinforces the message that the company delivers fresh, healthy, and delicious dishes, made from only the finest ingredients, but it also fits in with the colour scheme of the site – adding a feel of continuity and cohesion to the site.

It’s only natural that there was more to say on this page than on most of the other pages. However, we didn’t want to lose the sleek, simple, and fuss-free feel of the site. To over come this, we decided to break the content down into small, manageable chunks, each with its own heading and image.



In keeping with the design of the rest of the site, the Contact page features a large banner at the top of the page, featuring a high-quality image of one of the business’ dishes.

Below this, you will find all of the relevant contact details, including phone number and email, as well as opening hours and delivery area. This ensures that everything the client’s customers might need is all presented in a clear and concise format.

We also decided to incorporate a contact form, including name, email, and message, to allow visitors to contact the team directly through the site.

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