By James Thurlow

Upgrading to PHP 7.2 from PHP 7.1 – Performance Verdict

PHP 7.2 was released in early December and marks some notable improvements from PHP 7.1. Performance is always a key milestone for PHP. Our review compares the latest release of 7.2 to 7.1 and below.

WordPress White Screen

The WordPress white screen is most likely something you’ve experienced if you’ve been using WordPress for a few years now. It’s a extremely frustrating problem to encounter (especially if you [...]

How to Set-up WordPress

A short guide on how you can setup Wordpress on your own domain/hosting. A simple guide which will help you switch from

By James Thurlow

How to use a child theme on WordPress

A quick setup guide on how to use a child theme on Wordpress and set it up so that you can easily update Wordpress without losing your work.

How to install a WordPress Theme

Unsure how to install a Wordpress theme? This guide will explain how you can use your own free or premium Wordpress theme on your blog or website.

How to set the homepage on WordPress

How to set your Wordpress website homepage. A simple step by step guide on how you can apply a page to be your home page on Wordpress.

How to install a plugin on WordPress

Ever wondered how you install a plugin on Wordpress? This step by step guide explains how you can install a plugin from the repository or upload and install a premium plugin to your website.