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Web Design Poole, Bournemouth

Web Design Poole, Bournemouth by Cheap Web Design
When looking for a web design agency based in Poole, Bournemouth it can be a very difficult task as many web design agency’s claim to be the best however they have only been in business for a few month’s. When picking a web design company to build your website you need…

Web Design Fleet, Hampshire

Web Design Fleet, Hampshire by Cheap Web Design
Are you looking for a cheap web design agency based in Fleet, Hampshire? If so then look no further, has been established since July 2004 and next year it will be celebrating 10 years in business. When looking for web design agencies it’s always…

Top 10 common mistakes novice website designers make

Here at Cheap Web Design we get a lot of clients coming to us who have built there own websites via the likes of Vista Print site builder, 1and1, Moonfruit and other site builder type platforms along with people building websites with dreamweaver, photoshop and so on. It was difficult for me to give this article a rele…

1and1 The Truth Revealed

1and1 – Is it really cheap? Or do you end up paying more for a lessor service
Everyone has seen the adverts surrounded by 1and1  and you would be a fool for not thinking it was a reasonably priced service, however many customer’s are realising the true sum behind having a 1and1 website. Why would you not be enticed b…

Volusion – There Is A Cheaper Alternative

Volusion Vs Cheap Web Design
Volusion is very well known in the e-commerce industry and has a fantastic reputation for delivering great e-commerce solutions. Volusion offer Credit Card Processing, Design Services, Marketing Services, SSL Certificates, Fraud Score Reports and also a Live Chat function however is there…

Monthly Backups

Monthly Backups from Cheap Web Design

How important is your website? Could you lose everything if your site gets hacked? Web hackers are forever increasing in numbers becoming more intelligent with how and when they hack a website do not fall victim to this. We are now offering a full website backup service for o…

Web Design Icons

Web Design Icons
Check out these free high quality web icon sets. They look great for use in future design work and we will probably be using a few on our website too.

If you want to see more web icon sets then click here….

Web Designer Freedom

Web Designer Freedom
As a web designer you have the ability to feel complete freedom whilst working. As long as you have access to your laptop, Skype and the internet – you can design professional, creative, bespoke websites for your clients from anywhere in the world. Whether you prefer to be designing a new websit…


A webmaster is someone who controls the ins and outs of your website. They take care of all of the maintenance of the website, including; the structure, the content (text, graphics, design), page names, files, testing, etc. On top of this, the webmaster should also provide web analytics for your website….

Website Set Up

Here’s a quick step by step guide to turning your website idea into a live website on the net.

1. Choose a Domain Name
Think of a domain name that’s going to best reflect your company and create a great brand OR just think of a domain that you like the look of for your personal website / blog, etc. Go to whe…

Inserting Flash

The standard method for embedding a flash file onto your web page using a HTML editor, such as Dreamweaver, is usually as follow:
<script type=”text/javascript”>

AC_FL_RunContent( ‘codebase’,',0,28,0?,’width’,’990?,’height’,’276?,’ti…

Banner Design

A good website requires great appeal and both static and flash banners help to achieve this. When visiting various day to day websites, you will probably notice that the majority of them have some form of banner which is either directing you to an inner page, highlighting offers and services, or displaying advertisem…

jQuery Lavalamp Guide

The jQuery lavalamp navigation is really cool and simple to implement onto your website. Check out our hover buttons above to get a feel for how they look. Just follow the step by step guide below to create your own:
Stage 1: Creating the HTML
Open a blank html document and insert the following code:

<ul class=…

Cheap Web Design UK

Web design is a worldwide service offered by almost all countries. Each country will hold different standards and of course different prices. Many companies outsource work across the world to countries such as India where prices are much cheaper. The only downfall of doing this is the fact that the quality of the work…

Choosing Web Design Examples

If your in a position where you need a website for yourself or maybe your company then you will probably be thinking about approaching a web design company. If so then we would like to help you choose some design examples that you can show to the web designers so that they will have a clear understanding of what yo…

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